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  • Using namespaces with jQuery widgets

    Creating plugins for jQuery is a relatively straightforward task, however poorly named plugins can conflict with one another (or even with core jQuery functionality). I have seen numerous attempts at solving this problem which each have their advantages and disadvantages.

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  • Improve consistency of button element across browsers

    The button element can be styled easily for the desired look, however as soon as padding is specified the button appearance is drastically different across web browsers. So I did some searching and found several different fixes and found that a combination of all of them does the trick (mostly).

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  • Redesign of "My Art Gallery"

    My Art Gallery (http://my-art-gallery.co.uk/) is my fathers online art gallery which features most of his artwork. The website also includes a variety of downloads including backgrounds, 3D models, textures, etc. which people can use in their own artwork. I originally created this website in 2006 using ASP.NET in conjunction with a MS-SQL database which has served well for 4 years.

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