Tag: nodejs

  • Automatically updating assembly version from git

    Originally when I started developing Rotorz Tile System I would update the version number of the assembly manually with each update. Despite the simplicity of this approach there were a couple of occasions where I would forget to bump to version in the “AssemblyInfo.cs” files or in the readme file. I improved this workflow by automating the updating of these version numbers from the most recent semver encoded git tag along with the hash of the most recent commit.

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  • Unit testing with JavaScript and NodeJS

    In my latest project I needed a way to execute JavaScript from the command line. I knew a little about the Rhino project which achieves this and of course the Google V8 Project.

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  • Building server and client applications using JavaScript

    JavaScript has become an essential tool that allows web developers to produce sophisticated web applications that often use AJAX to communicate with the server. JavaScript source code is becoming increasingly more complex and so it has become necessary for web browser developers to increase the performance of their JavaScript virtual machines.

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