Goop from Space!

The player is a sentient goop which has fallen from space which wants to absorb as much goop as possible in this infinite side-scrolling runner.

Initially I had developed the game just to learn Phaser since I thought it would be fun to show it on the front of this website. I sketched out the designs roughly and then created the actual artwork in Photoshop.

I decided to go with custom tile based collision detection so that I could have precise control over how the player’s character interacts with platforms. And since the area where interaction can occur is extremely limited, there is very little overhead.

Unfortunately the Phaser implementation didn’t run as smooth as I would have liked when building for mobile. So I re-implemented the game in Unity along with a system that allows players to pay what they want rather than forcing other forms of intrusive monetization such as adverts. I also added achievements and leaderboards integration into the mobile version of the game.