AntWar is a game about ants… lots of them. The name of the game is to raise and nurture a colony of ants whilst enduring the daily struggles.

I was hired to port this game to Unity with C# from an old Flash implementation. This is a data-driven game. I also integrated in-app-purchases along with a lightweight virtual store architecture so that Unibill could be used to handle purchases on Google Play and the App Store whilst the dedicated WildTangent system could be used on the WildTangent platform.

The client wanted to maintain and edit data in spreadsheet format on Google Docs. So I created a custom editor extension which was able to import that data and deduce some semantics from cell formatting and then to write that into a data structure using ScriptableObject’s. Future data edits can then be synced with a single button press. I also created an editor window to view the data directly inside Unity as a spreadsheet.

I implemented the in-game user interfaces using an asset called NGUI. This mostly comprised of artwork that was provided by the client but some of it didn’t adapt so well for various screen sizes so I reconstructed those parts of the artwork as needed.