Munchy Bunny!

This is my first attempt at making a game for the iPhone and iPad platform. Hop through four 3D levels collecting eggs and finding the hidden golden eggs. There is even a bonus level, collect as many eggs as you can!

I developed the game using the Unity game engine. This software makes it relatively painless to develop games that work across multiple platforms. I urge anyone that is interested in video game development to take a look at this marvelous tool!

The game’s levels are designed within the Unity editor using a custom made tile system editor extension. Each level comprises of two tile systems; one for the larger platform tiles, and one for the smaller brick tiles and for placing interactive objects.

Screenshot of tile system layers

The in-game UIs are constructed using the open source Prime31 UIToolkit library. Unity’s built-in IMGUI, whilst very flexible, doesn’t perform too well especially on mobile platforms since it produces a large number of draw calls. UIToolkit batches all of the UI into one draw call per texture atlas.

I used my favorite tool, TexturePacker, for automatically packing sprites into texture atlases. The UI atlases are compiled from separate UI element images automatically at SD and HD resolutions so that the UI is crisp on older iOS devices as well as the iPhone 4’s retina display.

Using the Unity profiler I was able to easily detect CPU and GPU spikes. I just love how much detail the Unity profiler is able to provide making it extremely easy to locate and resolve such issues. The final game maintains a steady framerate.