Reversi game made using J2ME

Since I had fun making a checkers game previously I decided to make a reversi game, again using J2ME. Unlike checkers, reversi is actually a game that I’m reasonably good at! The game has difficulty settings ranging from Novice to Master and a couple of skins.

Screenshots of game

I even added a game mode where you can watch the CPU play against itself!

Animation showing CPU vs CPU

The AI is again implemented using the negascout algorithm although I felt that the easiest difficulty was still a little too difficult. I created a separate AI for the easiest difficulty setting which selects from possible moves at random.

Overview of player classes

I constructed and animated the counter model using 3D Studio Max. Each frame was rendered to a separate image file which were then stitched together into a spritesheet using Photoshop. I included the spritesheet at several resolutions due to the variety of screen sizes.

Counter spritesheet

The counter animations are rendered using a TimerTask thread at 16 frames per second. The animation is smooth and doesn’t eat up too much battery power since the display is not being redrawn unless the pieces are actually being animated.

I included one of the skins that I made for my checkers game in addition to a more traditional style green felt grid. I would have included the wooden skin as well except the counters were a little difficult to see against that background.

Screenshots of the different skins