UML simpler with Cadifra

Cadifra is an excellent UML editor which makes designing with UML a breeze. Cadifra is great for illustrating concepts in technical reports, but gains its real purpose during the design process where ideas change and evolve rapidly (especially when working with other team members). Cadifra makes it easy and very quick to change diagrams in this fashion, and very neatly too.

Cadifra supports Class, Object, Use Case, Sequence and State diagrams. A page can include elements from all of these different diagrams if necessary. Whilst Cadifra does support a lot of UML’s features, I have noticed that it does not yet include all connector types. This doesn’t usually cause too many problems, however it is usually possible to use a “Dependency” connector with an appropriate label.

The feature which I love the most is the breaking and connecting of diagram fragments. This is particularly useful when copying and pasting, but is also very useful when rearranging within class diagrams.

Cadifra Screenshot

Anyone who is using UML should definitely give the Cadifra demo a try.